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Being the daring person that I am and contrary to the advice from Eventide staff to leave my Orville alone due to its age, I am thrilled to report that I successfully updated my Orville 2.60 to Version 3.002.  The process is simple and straightforward, eventhough I am running a MacPro, but you must have some old technology to pull it off;  Below is the procedure.  The following is the procedure if your are running a Mac.


1. Download the update  from Eventide.

2. Purchase a USB to Serial connector cable, assuming you don’t have one. I got mine from USCONVERTERS.COM model XS8801

3. Find a ccomputer with Windows XP, or in my case I already had it on my MacPro wilth ability to run on Parallels.

4. Hook up the USB to Serial cable on your computer.

5. Install USB to Serial device drivers.  I received a drivers disk from the folks I got my USB to Serial cable from. [USCONVERTERS.COM]

6. Verify installation and that the device is operating properly.

7. Connect the Serial end of the USB to Serial cable to the serial port on your Orville.

8. Start the Orville update program in Windows XP.

9. Follow the instructions carefully.  There is an instructions tab in the installer.  If I recall it is the 2nd one from the right.

10. The update takes about 15 minutes, and progress is reported on both the update program, as well as the Orville screen.

11. Compare all the Banks and presets with the Ver. 3.0 preset list which is available on the interwebs.

12. Make lots of beautiful music.

If someone needs help shoot me a PM.  I’ff get back to you.