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Hi , I have also just recently aquired a H8000fw second hand and got a great deal. I am way behind the curve at tech. I probably need major help as I am a old school hardware guy. I had used a mini disc 8 channel , and now I got a Zoom R16 which sounds great as a digital recorder. So I need to built on and create a studio from Zero. The Zoom can be used as an interface /controler , so I guess I’ll have to figure out how to use that . There are so many ways to connect , so I’ll have to figure out the route to go . I hear Thunderbolt is faster and better than Firewire and the Zoom works with Cubebase …I may have to hire somebody to get to where I need to go. I have mountains of guitar rack sonic heaven , and can hook my MOOG up to the H8000 and Kurzweil Mangler as well. 

 So currently I have a couple of rack mixers and Have a Mesa Boogie Old School 395 Amp (Sweetness) and Triaxis Preamp , running Stereo Dry / Stereo H8000/Stereo Rocktron Intellipitch through the mixer into the 395 out to the EV Speakers !!! I have another Alesis Multi Mix 12R to use for the synth out to monitors……

 So the long road ahead is how to interface so of that to the computer …but my computr is on it’s last legs , so I need to maybe buy a dedicated Music Laptop. I hear a lot of people talking about ADAT , but I believe the Zoom R16 is probobly a higher standard than ADAT? Hmmmmm…. 

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