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I am confused …..I’ve read the manual over and over and I still don’t get how to group presets I want to use as a USER GROUP……Although I have found that when I go to a User group and try to save a Preset …..I can only save it Numerically …if I already have saved 14 presets the new preset I am saving will only be availble to save at an (Empty) location numerically the next open number at number 15…..If I change from User Group 2 to User group 3 ….Why can’t  I start at number 1??? …even if no presets have been saved in that User group…..I noticed the directions for adding User Groups , makes no mention of saving presets ……So , while I am able to find availble space to save User Presets ….I am not able to find any Presets in a Group …..it justs lists the presets I have visited .or saved  or the next open number I can save it to . …..So I am confused , to how to Group together presets …. I was hoping to be able to organise Presets and put the ones I wanted to at the Top It seems if I start User Group 3 , as soon as I try to save a preset to it ….User Group 3 goes away and Nothing is saved to a Group , although I can save the preset to an open number HMMM????….not just a bunch of saved presets that are only organised by no group at all. And not able to even access a group  I’m Confused.