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AAgnello wrote:

romax wrote:

are you able to share a release month/quarter and/or price direction?

The H9000 project has been running for several years already. Porting our entire library of DSP functions and effects from the optimized code for a DSP chip to ARM was a large effort. We continue to work on optimizing some key functions for ARM.

We now have several prototypes running and we’re working on the remote app as well as expansion hardware boards to support various audio network interfaces (e.g. Dante). Pre-production hardware has been released. I hesitate to predict when we can ship the first unit to a customer. My guess is that we need another 5 or 6 months. Please note that I’ve never been a good guesser. 

We have not finalized manufacturing costs so the list price is still in question. The goal is to offer two versions of the H9000. Full front panel version will be a bit more pricey than the H8000 but there will be a blank front panel version that we hope will be at the H8000 price mark or even a bit lower. We believe that if we get the remote app right, a front panel will be nice to have but not necessary for many people.  

I could not help but notice, the H9 pedal and H9 Control App share a similar relationship to the remote app and the H9000 as described above. To a limited extent, was the H9/H9 Control an R&D project for the H9000? Just a little conspiracy for you. 

Speaking of the H9, I do not feel like I am going out on a limb in saying it has been a successful and profitable product for Eventide. Your customer base must have significantly grown because of it (and because of the Factor pedals). You have invested a lot of time and money into H9 Control so I suspect future iterations of an H9, H90, H900 (just suggestions) would be in the works at some point, yes? I just feel there will be a rather large gap between the H9 and H9000 (understandably so because they are two different products) that could be filled with a number of potential Eventide products. I also feel this has occurred to you before now. I just wanted to show my support.