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1).  Those miniature input & output LED meters featured in the new Ultratap plugin:


That would be a useful addition to the H9 Control app.  I realize that will cause issues of shared space with the global & per-preset indicators (Wet/Dry/ Stereo, etc.)  As an aside, I like that a derived plugin is breaking away from the 10 parameter stompbox model.  It’s unnecessary in a plugin format.  Go wild.


2).  Triggered ramping for the Aux switches.  Picture this: The ‘H-T & T-H Gliss’ time delays in the PitchFlex algorithm are initiated by the Flex switch.   Tap that code branch, and make it globally available to Aux switches (and, by extension, any algorithm parameter).  Momentary, or latching.  The Heel & Toe parameters are already covered by the Parameter Range Start & End controls.

Bonus points for a ‘Shape’ control over log / exp / linear curves.  That skew could possibly perform double duty by nestling those Shape curves under the expression pedal, and linking an Aux switch to the ‘… (aka HotKnob value).  Either way, it’s a unique attribute that could be applied to any parameter, in any algorithm.


A fella’ can dream … wink