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Given To Fly
ThreeFingersOfLove wrote:

So.. given the fact that the H9000 will have support for Dante which carries signals up to 192 KHz, am I right to presume that the converters will be at a maximum sampling rate of 192 KHz?

“The H9000 will hold up to 4 quad-core ARMs so that it can run 16 H8000-class algorithms simultaneously. “

If an H8000-class algorithm means 48kHz than each ARM processor would be 192kHz. If an H8000-class algorithm means 96kHz than each ARM processor would be 384kHz. The H9000 supports Ravenna which has a maximum sample rate of 768kHz which is equivalent to 4 ARMs at 192kHz with each core equal to 48kHz allowing for 16 H8000-class algorithms. This how I think it will break down, but I am only speculating based off what I know about the other technologies involved. Eventide did not give me a spec sheet and I could be completely wrong.