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I have the same problem

My input levels show -12db but the sound is completely distorted.

I havent been able to use this once since I bought it. Just a brick in the corner at the moment.

Very dissapointed.

Both SPDIF and analog have the same problem

When I hit bypass it sounds perfect, but when the effects are running it souds distorted.

Doesn’t make any sense that I need to turn my input signal down to -18db to get a clean sound? It’s unuseable like this.

I hope it’s still under warranty coz I bough it last year and have been busy with other work so I just presumed it was me setting something wrong, but now going back to it – it seems broken to me.

Also I am in Australia and I bought it from Thomann in Germany. So I guess they sent me some piece of junk they dropped or something.