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      Tom Slater


      I’ve just purchased and installed an Eclipse V4 and there is a lot of distortion even when the unit is in bypass mode.

      I have checked the I/O levels for the analogue input and output I am using and the distortion is there even at low I/O levels.


      I have tried resetting the unit by holding down 8 on startup but the distortion is still there.


      Can anyone help? Thanks

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      Eventide Staff

      You really give us no information, making it hard to help.


      My guess is that it is one of the following, in order of likeliness:

      1) You are using the low impedance XLR inputs, and your signal source is unable to drive them. If so, try the 1/4" jacks.

      2) Whatever follows the Eclipse is being overloaded – try turning down the output.

      3) (Least likely) there is a hardware fault in the Eclipse. If you think this is the case, contact your dealer or support@eventide.com


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      I have the same problem

      My input levels show -12db but the sound is completely distorted.

      I havent been able to use this once since I bought it. Just a brick in the corner at the moment.

      Very dissapointed.

      Both SPDIF and analog have the same problem

      When I hit bypass it sounds perfect, but when the effects are running it souds distorted.

      Doesn’t make any sense that I need to turn my input signal down to -18db to get a clean sound? It’s unuseable like this.

      I hope it’s still under warranty coz I bough it last year and have been busy with other work so I just presumed it was me setting something wrong, but now going back to it – it seems broken to me.

      Also I am in Australia and I bought it from Thomann in Germany. So I guess they sent me some piece of junk they dropped or something.

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      Eventide Staff

      As often, little actual information. It is very hard to help you.

      What are you connecting to the inputs and outputs ?

      If you are connecting to one of the Eclipse's balanced ins/outs, are you either balanced, or correctly unbalanced ?

      The fact that you have the same problem with SP/DIF, suggests the problem may be on the output.

      What are the meter readings ?


      I suggest you discuss it with your dealer.


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      The weird thing is – some presets sound ok – others sound totally distorted – this is with factory settings. How can that be?

      I have never had any issues with my soundcard before.

      The Digital In shows -12db

      All other levels are set to 0db.

      The analogue inputs are unplugged.

      I have an audio file whihc peaks at -12db playing on a channel in Cubase 7.5 and I have the Eclipse set up an external effect. Send & Return are both set to 0db.

      When I play the audio file with the effect off it is totally clean.

      When I activate the effect it is distorted.

      The Digital In level is ahowing -12db.

      It is most noticeable on preset 142 – DetunePlex.

      Other presets sound OK, but I am concerned that something is wrong with the digital input on the Eclipse.

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      Is there any possible reason why the sound would be clean when I press BYPASS, but crackly and distorted when I turn off BYPASS?

      Surely this means it is faulty?

      (I am using factory presets)

      If you can come up with any reason why this would happen please let me know – because otherwise I have to send my Eclipse back to Germany (I live in Australia)

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      Eventide Staff

      Please give examples of presets showing this behavior.

      Does the distortion change if you lower the input level ?


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      Hello, my eclipse ist from 2018 and at several programs I got the same unwanted distortion. My signalchain is RME-Fireface 802 -> ADAT -> eclipse. I played a Gibson Les Paul direct into the RME with about -18db. This is the level I’ll send to the eclipse. When I check the several level meter, the eclipse shows me maximum -12db. The program 224 ChorusSpace2 is loaded. The space algorythm is aon FXA. I found out, when I lower “Decay” from 93% to 80% in the master of FXA, the distortion went off. When I raise to 100% the distortion is very heavy. It seem, the higher the decay the space algotithm rock up. @eventide stuff: Please would you be so kind and check this if it is possible for you. Thanks in advance. Yours Thomas 

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      Eventide Staff

      Without being there, it is hard to know. You are probably not overloading the Eclipse input at -12dB, but you may be overloading the effect internally, or whatever follows the Eclipse.

      Try reducing first the input gain, then the output gain, to see if the distortion changes.


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