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The weird thing is – some presets sound ok – others sound totally distorted – this is with factory settings. How can that be?

I have never had any issues with my soundcard before.

The Digital In shows -12db

All other levels are set to 0db.

The analogue inputs are unplugged.

I have an audio file whihc peaks at -12db playing on a channel in Cubase 7.5 and I have the Eclipse set up an external effect. Send & Return are both set to 0db.

When I play the audio file with the effect off it is totally clean.

When I activate the effect it is distorted.

The Digital In level is ahowing -12db.

It is most noticeable on preset 142 – DetunePlex.

Other presets sound OK, but I am concerned that something is wrong with the digital input on the Eclipse.