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AAgnello wrote:

markiv2290 wrote:

AAgnello wrote:

The H9000 will hold up to 4 quad-core ARMs so that it can run 16 H8000-class algorithms simultaneously. 

This looks like a modern architecture compared to the previous rack efforts. Since the H9000 is modular, I guess Eventide could make a version with *less* cores to accomodate setups that do not require that insane amount of processing power (I don’t think I need 16 simultaneous H8000 algos) but would still benefit from the modernized architecture, connectivity & GUI which brings the unit up to current market standards.

Yes that may seem contradictory to what most people would wish in a processor (i.e. ever more processing power), but outside from outboard processing there is another application to the current Eventide lineup of rack units and that is: guitar FX racks. I know it might well not be the target market for Eventide. But still many guitarists own Eventide rack units and swear by them. I myself would certainly be interested in a unit built on that new modernized platform, with the same processing power as the current H8000FW (which is plenty) which woul could be offered at a lower price. Better routing, processing and bigger GUI screen than the Eclipse, in a modern package.

Has eventide considered making such a “light” version of the H9000 ?

The H9000 is our new flagship. We hope to start shipping the first production units in a few months. It represents the next generation platform for Eventide processors and we do plan to offer simpler versions as we have with previous generations of Eventide flagships. We have not begun development of any other family members and are focused on getting the H9000 out.  

Oh, I can’t wait! That is good news for us guitarists and rack gear heads!