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aagnello wrote:
…Quicker development of complicated algorithms, shorter learning curve for new developers. But also the simple fact that chip manufacturers are advancing the state of the art of general purpose processors much more rapidly than DSP. That’s where the money is. For example, Freescale/NXP made a decision to stop development of new DSPs in favor of ARM because the sheer horsepower precludes the need for specialized architecture. We considered SHARC but determined general purpose is the future and, with the H9000 now running our complex algorithms on a single core of a quad device, the future is now. One further benefit of a DSP platform based on general purpose processors is the simple fact that third parties will find it easier to develop new algorithms for our platform. It’s much easier to port a VST plugin, for example ,to an ARM than to a DSP chip.


Great info!

Do you have a release date on this yet? I’m keen on the blank faceplate version… 🙂