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ThreeFingersOfLove wrote:

Thanks a lot for the swift and detailed response.

Does that mean that as ARM processors evolve, new/faster ones will be able to be installed in the H9000? Sounds like a very open system to me! In any case, I hope everything works out with Eventide’s decision regarding the processors/architecture!

Absolutely. That’s was a key consideration in migrating to ARM. The ARMs reside on four modules which gives us the option of upgrading (in the field) as newer chips become available. Don’t hold your breathe in that regard however. While swapping modules is simple from a mechanical point of view migrating our optimized code to next gen ARMs will wait until the benefit justifies what will invariably be a lot of work. In other words, the goal was to design a platform that would be viable for the long term. FWIW, the H8000 is nearly 20 years old.