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Yes, I would consider the H8000 Sampler a good starting point . . . I dont use the trigger playback or trigger rec option page. . .Every parameter CC controllable is a must I think. All of the fade in and outs and xfades are very useful. It would be awesome if you could do some editing of the sample itself. Particularly useful would be to be able to slice it and have multiple loops which could have their respective start and end points controlled via CC. Also faster loading/saving times (please!) and longer sampling times (Stereo 3-5min @ 96MHz). A basic EQ and Reverb would come in handy . . . Also being able to have it loaded in either Machine A or B and the ability to route it A>B or B>A would add more flexiblity. Having an upgraded sampler in the H9000 would be a very attractive selling point and is a dealbreaker for me. Thx for the feedback and openness . . . If you need a beta tester for it I would be very interested in devoting time and energy to such an endeavor. I am in Switzerland.