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tmoravan wrote:

cbm wrote:

One more question: is there still monolithic capability? Is that even nescessary with the new processors?


To follow up — Some of the algorithms on the H8000 run at 48k (using 1 DSP) or 96k (using both DSPs).

Will the H9000 be able to run the 96k versions using 1, 2, or n DSPs?  The reason for asking is I’ve seen rumors that the H9000 will only be supporting the 48k versions and rather than continue speculation, I’d rather hear the answer direct before selling my H8000’s.




Well, I decided to sell both my H8000’s anyway, so the answer at this point is moot for me, but for others I think it would be good to know.

Is the fact that nothing has been posted mean that you guys skipped over the question or is it because 96k algorithm support isn’t there in the initial release?

There is info in the H9000 manual: 

Note: Certain algorithms will not work when the H9000 is running at a sample rate of 88.2kHz or 96kHz. These algorithms will appear with a red “stop sign” icon in the Algorithm list, and will not load if selected.

A clear discussion would be helpful since the H9000 obviously supports digital I/O and word clock rates of 96k and there is a preset listed (3057, 3058 – Super Ch Strip) with 48k and 96k designators