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cbm wrote:

Is "longdelay" supported in the H9000? It relies on the sample memory, so if there's no sampler, is there a different pool of memory that longdelay can use? On the Orville / H8000 the sample memory is only available in machine A. What are the limitations on the H9000?

The longdelay module is supported.   The H9000 DSPs don't have any special memory, but they have quite a lot of RAM compared with the H8000 DSPs.  Thus, any DSP core can use longdelays and they will have more total delay available.

The maximum for each longdelay module is 120 seconds (as I believe it was in the H8000). I think you could probably manage to use up all the RAM if you had a lot of longdelays and you were running at 96kHz but that would take some effort.