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gkellum wrote:

tmoravan wrote:

To follow up — Some of the algorithms on the H8000 run at 48k (using 1 DSP) or 96k (using both DSPs).

Will the H9000 be able to run the 96k versions using 1, 2, or n DSPs?  The reason for asking is I’ve seen rumors that the H9000 will only be supporting the 48k versions and rather than continue speculation, I’d rather hear the answer direct before selling my H8000’s.

Hi, sorry, we didn’t respond to your original post.  I forwarded it to one of my colleagues, who I thought could give a better answer than I, and he forwarded it to someone else, who’s been out a few days this week b/c of the flu going around…  The rough answer is all but about 20 algorithms work on a single DSP at 96K.  I wish I had the list of those algorithms in front of me so we could talk about the specific algorithms.  But one of my colleagues said a lot of them were algorithms that combined multiple effects into a single algorithm, which is something you’d probably do on the H9000 as an FX Chain with multiple algorithms anyway, instead of as a single algorithm.

Only 20-ish that won’t run at 96k? This is good news! That said, I would love to see the list of presets that won’t run @96k. Any chance on making that public?