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cbm wrote:

Orville / H8000 longdelay max was 174 seconds of Sampler Memory, FWIW.

I largely use my Orville as a looping machine, so I would hope that the H9000 longdelay max can eventually be expanded to match the Orville / H8000.


That's right, but I was referring to the maximum that can be allocated in a single longdelay module (which is a software limit), whereas you are talking about the maximum total physical sampler memory (a hardware limit).  Sorry if I wasn't clear.  In the H9000 case, the hardware limit is generally much higher, but it isn't a fixed value because the RAM is also used for other things.  As a quick back of the envelope estimate, if we assume we can allocate half the RAM for long delays, we could have up to about 700 seconds per DSP core at 48k, or 350 seconds at 96k.

The largest long delay in the library of algorithms has a maximum delay of 85 seconds (519, "LongDelay").  Some use a larger total amount, e.g. 719, "Mobius Loops", which uses 8 instances of the longdelay module, each with a maximum delay of 20 seconds.

If you would like to share specific factory algorithms that you use for looping, or custom sigfiles, we can check to make sure you can do what you need with the H9000.


Edit: I checked the original code for the H8000 longdelay module, and it does in fact have a max delay of 174 seconds.  For some reason, when that module was ported to the new system, the maximum was changed from 174 to 120.  I see no reason why we shouldn't make it 174 in the new version too.  Apologies for my error!