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First and foremost, kudos to Eventide for this very clear and open communication channel about the H9000.
Big thanks for answering all questions and paying attention to our needs and concerns as end users! That is what I call dedication towards the userbase.

I am so awaiting the lighter version(s) of the H9000 so that I can integrate it into my rack!
With the modular multi-DSP-board architecture, hopefully it won’t take long after the H9000 is done. Merely populating the 4 boards with slower CPUs or populating 1 or 2 DSP boards in lieu of 4, new model number on the front panel, et voilà 😉
(Ok I’m kidding I know it’s not as simple as that!!)
I just can’t wait.

Now my only concern.
Please keep multi-channel analog I/O facilities even on the lighter versions! That’s of primary importance !
Like many guitar rack aficionados, I keep my dry and wet signals mix exclusively in the analog domain.
Dual-mono is not sufficient in that regard.