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Understood. To be clear, our H9000 development efforts are aimed at creating our next generation platform. There are several motivations for this not the least of which is moving from dedicated DSP chips to general purpose processors; specifically ARM . And one reason this is important is that the development tools for ARM processors are much more advanced than the ones that exist for DSP chips. We believe that developing future audio algorithms will be easier on ARM than they have been on DSP. We've felt this way for decades but general purpose processors are not as efficient for the kinds of things we do. Today the sheer raw processing power of ARM chips makes the relative inefficiency of the architecture a moot point and we're excited to be able to use modern development tools from this point on. The migration has not been easy. We're a small team and this was the largest project that we've ever taken on and, while we're getting awfully close, we're still not quite there.