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Eventide Staff

Hi Miklo,

Thanks for the interest in the H9000.  To answer your questions:

Yes, the H9000 will allow you to track vocals with effects processing directly into your DAW.  One of it's design goals was to make sure it could work with artists and musicians, in a live environment, in real time.

Routing on the H9000 is extremely flexible.  You can route a mono source, like your vocals, and send it to one mono effect. In an extreme example, you could mult that one channel 128 ways and send it to 16 different effects, each with 8 inputs!  This may sound a bit daunting but pages 6 through 9 in the User Manual go over key H9000 effects concepts and terminology:


To run vocals through the H9000 you will need a mic preamp as it only accepts line level.  Although, with the H9000's three I/O expansion ports, we may make a mic preamp card in the near future.

I hope this helps!