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cbm wrote:

I'm still looking for clarity on inter-engine communication and how memory is managed on the H9000. If there's anyone from Eventide who could shed light on the issues I raised in message numbers 99 and 100, that would be great.


Hi cbm, sorry for the delay in replying.

Regarding memory management, you are correct that each DSP module has its own memory which is shared between the 4 cores.  Each algorithm allocates the memory it needs at load time, leaving the rest available to the others.  The user doesn't have to do anything to manage the memory.  However, as I mentioned before, you could potentially write a sigfile that would consume enough memory that it would not load under certain circumstances, or prevent other algorithms from loading.  The H9000 has much more memory available to algorithms than previous products and we haven't anticipated it being a limiting factor, but if you want to write algorithms that deal with very many, or very long, loops of audio, we would like to hear about your requirements.

Regarding sending audio between DSPs, we currently restrict the routing so that FX chains can only be routed to/from IO sources and destinations, not other FX chains.  This is not a limitation in the hardware or OS, but a UI decision to simplify the routing screens.  However, we've had a couple of requests for this functionality, so we're planning to enable it in a future software update.