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vaultstudio wrote:

Also, I read from Eventide that the H9000 and the H9000R are exactly the same making the only difference the front Panel screen. 

Every site I've seen push the H9000R unit as "

Eventide showcases H9000R expander for its H9000 FX processor"


Do I need to worry!!!


The H9000R is identical to the H9000, apart from the lack of front panel screen and controls.  It is not an "expander", but a processor in its own right, but you need to use the eMote control software to use it.  The eMote software will be available initially for Mac OSX and later for Windows.  It can run as a standalone application, or as a plugin for AAX, AU and VST hosts.

I understand your desire to see the remote control software demonstrated in video form, and we will have some videos coming out soon.

Regarding the price difference of the H9000R vs the H9000, there is a lot more to the front panel than just the LCD screen.  The price difference reflects not just the many parts that go into the front panel, but also the assembly and testing costs.  It makes the H9000R a better value if you don't need the front panel (because you are always controlling it from your computer).

The H9000R is planned to ship in early 2019.