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jbamberg wrote:

Regarding the price difference of the H9000R vs the H9000, there is a lot more to the front panel than just the LCD screen.  The price difference reflects not just the many parts that go into the front panel, but also the assembly and testing costs.  It makes the H9000R a better value if you don’t need the front panel (because you are always controlling it from your computer).

The H9000R is planned to ship in early 2019.


With all due respect, there is no way I will ever buy into those arguments to justify that 2000 USD price difference for some buttons, a rotary encoder, an LCD screen and some hole cutouts in a plate of aluminium. As an Aerospace Engineer with years of R&D / NPI experience, I’ve seen my fair share of over-inflated prices. But this 2K price premium for front-panel controls is just ridiculous, even for a US-made product, even with assembly, tests and QC costs factored in. Don’t get me wrong, I totally like the product, the concept, the Eventide sound. But let’s get real here. A front panel is not considered new nor high-complexity tech anymore and in fact, hasn’t been for decades. Some high-compexity, low-volume North-American-made, CPU-based products can be bought, and I mean the entire product, for less than what you are going to charge for those front panel controls!