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vaultstudio wrote:

2019!!!!!!!!!!!  So the Eventide ploy is to sell the 7k priced units first and drag your feet on the less expensive version to recoup design cost!! I’m not paying $7000.00 for this over priced unit.


The good news is that no one is forcing you to buy an H9000, not now, not ever.  If you want the Eventide sound, there’s a lot of great choices available both new and used.  The H8000FW is a real workhorse with a lot of connectivity options.  Used, they are down below $3000, so you could buy 2 of them for roughly what a new 9000R will cost and the best part is you can have all that functionality now in March of 2018.

I don’t think Eventide owes anyone anything.  They can price the units however they want.  The pricing is based on their internal metrics and are not influenced by what users post on the internet.  The best way to see if they priced it correctly is to look at the sales.

For me, it was worth it to sell my pair of 8000’s and remote to raise the cash to buy a 9000.  I have space carved out in the rack at the ideal height for editing, and am building my snakes as we speak.