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vaultstudio wrote:

2019!!!!!!!!!!!  So the Eventide ploy is to sell the 7k priced units first and drag your feet on the less expensive version to recoup design cost!! I'm not paying $7000.00 for this over priced unit.

To the extent that this is a ploy, I'm responsible. WRT dragging our feet – nothing can be further from the truth. We would prefer that the R version ship first. They're easier to build and test. The simple fact is that the H9000 has many features and every feature must be supported by the app if there is no front panel. emote is taking us longer than anticipated/hoped/planned. The developers are people and they are the ones reading and responding to your posts. You are welcome to your opinion and I appreciate that you care however my opinion is that your tone is not helpful in that it serves as a distraction from the work necessary to release the product.