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vaultstudio wrote:

With all due respect are you telling me that the E-remote and DAW plug-in app will not be available with the release of the H9000? When I first purchased my H8000FW years ago the marketing was pushing compatibility with Pro-tools……….remember? It didn't happen. In addition,  Eventide understands that a $5k unit will sell faster and have a larger purchase rate compared to a $7k unit.  An Apple IPad PRo sells for $649. 

I've sold my H8000FW thinking Eventide would be releasing the H9000R based on all the marketing posting, You Tube video's …. and I'm glad sold it because I haven't heard one word about exchange for an H8000 even though its posted in the Eventide H9000 thread from a Eventide employee.


Remote app will be available with first ship but the first release will not support every function/display possible from front panel. The priorities include operational features – loading/saving presets, sessions, fx chains, controlling parameters, creating fx chains, and many others. Other functions like software updates, displaying levels at various points in the signal flow, creating advanced functions, may not make it into first release. We will not release the H9000R until all functionality is available remotely.