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gkellum wrote:

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jackmazzotti wrote:

Will Emote work with DAW automation and midi controllers? 

No one knows the answer or does not care to respond?

Emote currently doesn’t work with DAW automation.  We’re trying to wrap up v1.0 of Emote right now.  Supporting DAW automation is planned for the next release.

I’m not 100% sure about what you mean when you ask whether it works with MIDI controllers.  You can hook a MIDI controller up to the H9000 and assign MIDI messages to do various things in the front panel app.  Are you talking about configuring MIDI messages of a MIDI device connected to the H9000 using Emote?  Or are you talking about connecting a MIDI controller to a computer and having Emote read from the device and relay its messages to the H9000?

Thanks for the answer. I am talking about using something like Ableton Push to control parameters that autopopulate the controller like the Black Hole plugin does. Hopefully it will save parameters in the DAW project files the way plugins do as well.