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When I first saw that the H9000 was being introduced, I immediately thought, ‘well that’s way beyond my range for my live shows’. But then, after finally reading about all that it can do, I realized that it could replace my high-end Lynx Hilo AD/DA converter, my H7600, my Lexicon 300, PLUS giving me much more routing flexibility–and not to mention the unheard of capability of all these great effects used together as needed. AND, all condensed into 2 rack spaces! In my situation, by selling the things that it replaces, makes it very affordable for me. While I’d love to be able to wait for the cheaper “R” version, I can’t, so I’m going for the full version the minute that it’s out. Speaking of which, can someone at Eventide tell me if the H9000 is still on schedule for this April or May? Even a “don’t know yet” is helpful so that I can time the sale of my remaining items. Thanks!

I see how in your case it perfectly makes sense. I had a similar reflexion regarding my own FX rack, but did not arrive at the same conclusion given the particular equipment that I have, even at MSRP prices. That’s mainly because the H9000 I just so much more powerful than what I need, really. A single quad processor version would do (4 algos total vs 2 on H8000), and most likely even a single dual core processor version would do as well (2 algos like the H8000). Price it like the Eclipse is now and I’m in. That would be a flops-to-cost ratio that’s more inline with the times compared to the aging Eclipse (as good as a processor the Eclipse still is). CPUs have gone a loooong way in 15 years even more so with CPU prices factored in.


There’s always going to be people who just have to have NOW….which Eventide will prosper but in the end the purchaser doesn’t gain anything.  For a person running a business that needs to work with budgets decisions are made and since I and many others have a computer screen in front of them  90% of the time it makes no sense to pay an extra $2000 for touch a panel. Some need to budget for the new MacPro which will cost between $5k-10k which is more key than a $7000.00 effect unit. In the end I’m glad I sold my H8k early because the prices are dropping fast but if desperate and I’m not can pickup a H8k for $2k or I can wait for an H9000 to pop up on Ebay from someone who couldn’t afford but just had to buy.


Eventide is stringing people along ……..again because they can. Many companies now use this hype marketing method and string you along for the final product.  This happened with the H8000FW with the promise of plug-in capability. Didn’t happen but they sure got people to purchase the unit!!!


This is advertised on the Eventide site:

Availability of the H9000

General availability 2nd quarter 2018. It will be available in two models. The standard model will have full front panel controls and is priced at $6,999. The H9000R model comes with a blank front panel and will be priced at $4,999.