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vaultstudio wrote:

Eventide is stringing people along ……..again because they can. Many companies now use this hype marketing method and string you along for the final product.  This happened with the H8000FW with the promise of plug-in capability. Didn't happen but they sure got people to purchase the unit!!!

You're drawing the wrong conclusions from the discrepancies you pointed out.  The truth is there's just a fair amount of miscommunication (or lack of communicatino) between the people working on the H9000 and the people creating the marketing information that gets put on the website.  Unfortunately, there's no master marketer at play intentionally manipulating people by posting misleading information.  There's just been some good, old fashioned ineptitude at work.

I apologize for the misleading information you've come across and for the fact that you sold your H8000 perhaps earlier than you might have wanted to because of that.  

The H9000 has been such a massive product for us.  We've been working for ages to just finish it.  If that hadn't been the case, the people who know the product best would have had more time to double check and hone the information that's been disseminated about the product.