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In the past companies would develope a product, then anounce a release date of a fully operational product.  Now, marketing/sales ratchet up the hype on “You Tube” and outlet stores by posting “coming soon” to build up the hype….with half backed product non-completed product. Again, Eventide will always gets certain type of person to purchase no matter what the cost they just need it.

(H8000FW )”This was (perhaps unwisely) pre-announced.”  and The truth is there’s just a fair amount of miscommunication (or lack of communicatino) between the people working on the H9000 and the people creating the marketing information that gets put on the website.”


Doubt it.  To release the H9000 now and wait unitl 2019 for the H9000R is planned because Eventide is not a dumb by any means.