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nickrose wrote:

Getting a little tired of this …

There are two main reasons why the H9000R comes out later than the H9000.

1) Pretty much all of our technical resources are going into getting the base H9000 finished and shipping. You will observe that it is a little delayed.

2) The H9000R requires much support from the remote control software (for obvious reasons), so we have to put a lot more work into this before the release of the product. We are keen to avoid the situation we got into with the H8000.

That’s all. Yet again, no evil plan. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.



Perfectly understandable and acceptable, thanks Nick. Let’s keep the rest of the thread to on-topic questions about the H9000. I have had, or still own, a 3000, a 7000, a 7600, an 8000, and an H9. Eventide are great and I’m very excited about the 9000, in fact I’m amazed it’s even happening. If this hardware produces new plugins further down the line I would also be very happy 🙂