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KazRemark wrote:

All of this complaining is beyond silly. I’ve been using a DSP-7000 for the last 15 years or so, I bought it used back then because I couldn’t afford the new prices. I’ve never upgraded as the cost/benefit ratio never seemed quite worth it for my needs. At this point I look forward to buying the new unit, even if it’s expensive. I plan to use it for the next 15 years at least. You’re acting like Eventide is forcing you to upgrade, or as if there aren’t perfectly timeless used Eventides that can be picked up for way cheaper.

I think Eventide should sell the H9000 at $10,000 for the H9000 which would pay for all the developement ………maybe you can buy two and hold on to them for 30 years. What a deal.

You’re missing the point and I still use H3000’s units making your statement baseless and contradicts itself. You’re correct I’m not being forced to purchase an H9000 and I won’t! You’re also correct by buying used which is why I sold my H8000FW some time ago even though Eventide conveyed they would have an exchange for the newer unit!! Where in the hell did that go? Maybe another internal miss communication? For being a small company there is sure a lot miscomminications?

Maybe I should start using the business practices of Eventide where I promise two completed pieces of music to a client at certain time/date. When the completed date arrises I tell the client that the first piece  is completed but I need one nore month to finish. Then I tell the client the second piece of music is almost complete but missing movements but I can have it finished next year. Hopefully?

If Eventide would stop advertising BS from H8k plug-ins, exchange H8k to H9k and H9k release dates one would not post but some belive in professional business practices. One can deal with a feew months delay but another year…..pure BS.