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Getting a little tired of this …

There are two main reasons why the H9000R comes out later than the H9000.

1) Pretty much all of our technical resources are going into getting the base H9000 finished and shipping. You will observe that it is a little delayed.

2) The H9000R requires much support from the remote control software (for obvious reasons), so we have to put a lot more work into this before the release of the product. We are keen to avoid the situation we got into with the H8000.

That’s all. Yet again, no evil plan. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.



Perfectly understandable and acceptable, thanks Nick. Let’s keep the rest of the thread to on-topic questions about the H9000. I have had, or still own, a 3000, a 7000, a 7600, an 8000, and an H9. Eventide are great and I’m very excited about the 9000, in fact I’m amazed it’s even happening. If this hardware produces new plugins further down the line I would also be very happy 🙂

Thanks. Yes, please let’s stop the distraction. Either there’s an evil (yet clearly foiled) plan afoot or not. Fact is the H9000 development team has been working on this for years and it’s getting ready for first commercial ship. It won’t have or do everything everyone asks or even everything it is capable of doing. We do believe it will make developing new, complicated effects easier. As mentioned before, the development task was made difficult by our decision to move off of fixed point DSP chips to general purpose ARM processors. The development tools for ARM are much better and our hope is that it will make new effects easier to program. That’s what the team wants to be working on but first the H9000 has to ship and run as many of the effects ported from the H8000 without changing the way that they sound. That’s been one of the challenges and it’s taken us much longer than we’d hope.   


The H9000 has a lot of ambitions, so some snafus are to be expected;  the team’s efforts are appreciated. Better to delay launch of the R model than to have a crashed effort, obviously. Clearly Eventide is going to get some decent sales out of this release.