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tmoravan wrote:

jackmazzotti wrote:

Access Virus and Elektron Overbridge are examples of a remote plugin controlling hardware done the right way. It allows for midi control and automation from the plugin with all the benefits of a plugin gui straight into the hardware. I hope that is the plan and if it is then take your time to get it right. I don’t mind waiting for the R if we are going to get something that completely awesome!


Note that both Access and Elektron are primarily hardware companies and it took years for the Total Integration to get completed and stable.  As far as Elektron goes, IMHO Overbridge has really hurt the company.  Their hardware releases are behind schedule, delivered incomplete and buggy, and trying to support Overbridge across multiple hardware, OS, and DAW platforms is a huge drain on resources (development and testing).  Eventide would do well to study those examples and try not to repeat their mistakes.  Say nothing, promise nothing about the software apps until they are done and tested.

(just an opinion from someone that’s been writing software for all kinds of platforms for 30+ years…)


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