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nickrose wrote:

The H9K is essentially the most powerful multichannel effect unit currently available, with a particular focus on serious input/output options.

If what you want is a looper, there may be cheaper or simpler alternatives.

No, like I said in the original post, I’m not buying it as a looper, but I have a looper out on trial, and it seemed logical to inquire whether, among the many other things the H9000 can do and that I’ll be using it for, it could possibly be an amazing looper. Then I wouldn’t need to buy this stand alone one. I was trying to get an opinion on that before I have to buy the looper I have out on trial, or send it back to the dealer. But maybe I’ll send this one back either way, and hope I like the looping capabilities of the H9000 when it comes in. I know that I’ll like the rest of it.