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amop wrote:
I’d say for the longevity of value it brings to me, the H9000 is ridiculously affordable. If you don’t like the price, you should just take a hike and leave the Eventide team alone. They are developing unique, long-term value, for a relatively small market (ahem – iPad comparisons are therefore ridiculous) and they don’t really owe you or me anything, and you are under no obligation to buy them them.


In the USA as limited as it’s becoming people are free to express facts about Eventide’s business practice. If your must have reaction is to spend $7k for the H9000 because of the $2k front panel then knock your self out. If one is coming from a business perspective then I can wait for the H9000R which hopefully be released in 2020.


“H9000 is ridiculously affordable.”  Laughable.