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amop wrote:
I’ve had my DSP4000 for about 22 years, and it’s been my trusty main fx unit…still use it all the time. I plan to get the H9000 as soon as possible and use it another 22 years (the gods willing), where the total cost (after selling my 4000) will be about $21 a month. I’d say for the longevity of value it brings to me, the H9000 is ridiculously affordable. If you don’t like the price, you should just take a hike and leave the Eventide team alone. They are developing unique, long-term value, for a relatively small market (ahem – iPad comparisons are therefore ridiculous) and they don’t really owe you or me anything, and you are under no obligation to buy them them.

You really have no idea what they’re developing for in the long term, none of us do and that’s what’s been asked many times over. We haven’t been given any actual factual detail on what’s being delivered or going to be further down the road. Of course the machine is physically more powerful but without improved firmware and software it’s a dead duck in the water.

Upon its release Eventide said it won’t even have custom scales capability. This is most disheartening considering Eventide pioneered this feature and it’s left off for no good reason. Even the rear relays are not activated upon release and these are pedestrian things in 2018.

With that said it’s an expensive purchase for not knowing what you’re actually buying.