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nickrose wrote:

Itaiargaman wrote:

Did I miss something here? are you planning to offer such an upgrade? 

Don’t think it would make much sense. We can upgrade an Orville to an H8000, because they are similar hardware. An H8000 and an H9K are totally different, so an upgrade is not possible.



EVENTIDE posted about an exchange within the forum that has been removed!!! I asked about it some time ago and since people got screwed on promises with the H8000FW PT remote I had the feeling Eventide would back out and they did!!


Again, posted on the Eventide site which miss is leading again.

Availability of the H9000

General availability 2nd quarter 2018. It will be available in two models. The standard model will have full front panel controls and is priced at $6,999. The H9000R model comes with a blank front panel and will be priced at $4,999.


 They’re trying to recoup money for developement because if the H9000R was released at the same time 1% of sales would be the H9000 version and the remaining would be the H9000R. Many who use DAW’s would use a plug-in version remote or an app to be used with a $649 Ipad and not a $2000 touch screen lock onto the H9000.