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Congratulations to zazula on getting his H9000 so soon–I'm jealous, but mine shouldn't be far behind. And thanks Patrick for supporting the H9000!

While waitiing for mine, I have to be content with just reading the manual-ha! But in reading about the Tempo section in setup mode, I can't find any reference to being able to use a footswitch to tap in tempo, which is obviously important for live use, as mine would be in a rack on the floor. Surely I've missed something, or maybe it was left out of the manual? Or maybe it is set up per preset?


Thanks Patrick

Good to hear that feature is coming! I won't be using a computer for the type of gigs that I'll need a tap tempo footswitch, but for the meantime, I'll try to find a suitable footswitch that translates my tapped tempo to midi clock out to the H9000. I wouldn't mind having a Pitchfactor laying around anyway–would that work going midi into the H9000 to tide me over till the feature is implemented on the H9000?


Absolutely! You would just have to tgurn MIDI Clock 'On' on your PitchFactor and make sure that you are in 'Tempo Mode'. This would send MIDI Clock onto your H9000 and sync the tempo. 

Hope this helps!