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Hi tmovaran,

Thanks to think about it and have a good idea !

I check it in the past with “Source Audio Soleman” and i am think that’s the right way but it doesn’t work. It’s not so easy. I can’t filter the “program changes” on the same midi channel where i send all my midi data to my other devices.The 2016 must receive on different midi channel as the other devices. So i need a midi filter box wich can send and receive on different midi channels.

The 2016 receive eg on midi channel 1, with blocked “program changes” and receive CC data from my expression pedal on midi channel 1.

The PCM 96 receive on midi chanel 2 without blocked “program changes” and receive CC data from my expression pedal on midi ch 1 ?

If you can recommended a box who can do it, please let me know.

What is absolutely a mystery, the 2016 receive “program changes” data from the Rocktron Midi Mate & Patch Mate and Soleman, if i connect directly to the 2016 and a program change will activate Bypass, kill and reseted all parameter values. But if i connect the Soleman at first to the PCM96 and go from the PCM 96 midi thru box to the 2016, the 2016 will be receive program changes without activate bypass and i can switch to all 99 program places from the 2016. So I can suddenly step to all my programmed 2016 presets, wich are not shown as program nr. in the display. That’s near to close what i want and that means the PCM 96 filtered some midi data from the Soleman on the PCM 96 midi thru box.

But the Soleman doesn’t receive the program changes from the midi mate, so i am on the beginning of my problem and i need two midi controller and two expression pedals. One midi controller and expression pedal seperately for the 2016.

I am on it, i am searching but i need technical help from the 2016 devs the know the midi implement chart, sys ex data and so on.

Or an idea from a Eventide midi specialist who understand what we are talking about here.

It is definitly a 2016 midi implementation Bug and not ” the 2016 does not have the MIDI functionality that i would like to use.”

That the 2016 support CC data controlling you can read here :


How should i do this without a midi controller ?

It is not possible, so the 2016 should not receive in a wrong way ” program changes”. If not it’s ok for me, if yes it should not bypass the device.

It’s an 2016 Bug.

The 2016 manual say :

With dedicated function knobs and an intuitive user-interface, the 2016 is designed for easy operation – live or in the studio.

How should i use the 2016 live in this state ? Live playing means to control the parameter values and program changes in realtime.

You are on the right way to block the program changes on the 2016 receive midi channel, but i am not find the right box currently.

Please if you know one let me know, i lose so much time to find a solution for the 2016 since 47 days.

If the 2016 does not sounding so exellent, it’s better as the PCM 96, i trashed it a long time ago.

best greetings