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      Hi Support,

      I am waiting and searching since 47 days for a 2016 Princeton solution!

      Please Support can you answered my technical questions i ask you in my several E-Mails and in my post before about the big midi problems from the Princeton 2016 !


      I need an detail manual about the system functions ! ( Read my mails before )

      I need the midi implementation specification chart from the princeton 2016 ! ( Read my mails before )

      It is not inside your public fragmentary Princeton 2016  manual and additional doc.


      There is a showstopper Bug inside the 2016 midi implementation and i need professional support to get an solution.

      I am waiting for seriously support answers to my detailed technical questions i send in many e-mails to the eventide support.

      It looks like that they are sleeping or they not interested to support the Princeton 2016 customers.

      You answered me :

      > I will need to do some testing in order to help you. Let me get a unit and back to you with some suggestions.

      You didn’t do that !

      > I forwarded this ticket to one of our engineers, who is very familiar with the 2016, for assistance.

      You didn’t do that too !

      > One of our product specialists is getting a 2016 now and will be in contact with you.

      You did …and he answered :

      > I’m working with the engineers to try and get this issue figured out.

      He didn’t do that and he answered me again:

      > Unfortunately, it looks like the Reverb 2016 won’t do what you expect it to do in terms of MIDI.

      > We do have other units such as our new flagship,

      > the H9000 which is very easy to interface with and can certainly be controlled via MIDI very easily.


      What you mean with that ?

      I should buy the H 9000 to fix the Princeton 2016 Bugs ?


      You joking me if you answer in this way to my detailed questions as response to your Bugs in your devices.

      I am looking for a solution to embed the Princeton 2016 in my live Gear, because it’s sounds very well,

      but it doesn’t work correct, so the 2016 is currently live not usable.

      You must change the 99 Program Places by hand if you will use the 99 program places in a live setup.

      I am fexibel, i am happy to use only one program place live, but it isn’t possible too.

      If you send “program changes”,  the Princeton 2016 reset all saved parameter values and activate the “BYPASS”+”KILL” function.

      And it’s an fact : You need an Midi Controller and Expression Pedal to control the Princeton 2016 Continous Controller Data for live playing.

      Make no sense if all saved parameter values are reseted and bypass + kill is going active, if you send program changes to your other midi devices.

      I expect from Eventide that your devices working in midi terms as defined as international standards to be compatible to the world midi specification. 

      If not, then i expect as minimum an fast professional manufacturers support to find an solution to fix the empty promise to the customers.


      Please give me an answer for an seriously solution or fix your Bugs in your expensive devices.

      I need no rhetorical apologetically as support answer.

      I need technical infos and a solution to fix the 2016 midi Bugs !


      Currently it’s not clear for me what is the biggest eventide problem for me,

      ” The princeton 2016 Bug or the Eventide support”





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      Why not just purchase a cheap MIDI filter box to block program changes?  Stick it between your controller and the Reverb 2016 to prevent Program Changes (and any other data that needs to be blocked) from reaching the 2016?  Miditech and MIDI Solutions make good boxes that are flexible and not expensive.

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      Hi tmovaran,

      Thanks to think about it and have a good idea !

      I check it in the past with “Source Audio Soleman” and i am think that’s the right way but it doesn’t work. It’s not so easy. I can’t filter the “program changes” on the same midi channel where i send all my midi data to my other devices.The 2016 must receive on different midi channel as the other devices. So i need a midi filter box wich can send and receive on different midi channels.

      The 2016 receive eg on midi channel 1, with blocked “program changes” and receive CC data from my expression pedal on midi channel 1.

      The PCM 96 receive on midi chanel 2 without blocked “program changes” and receive CC data from my expression pedal on midi ch 1 ?

      If you can recommended a box who can do it, please let me know.

      What is absolutely a mystery, the 2016 receive “program changes” data from the Rocktron Midi Mate & Patch Mate and Soleman, if i connect directly to the 2016 and a program change will activate Bypass, kill and reseted all parameter values. But if i connect the Soleman at first to the PCM96 and go from the PCM 96 midi thru box to the 2016, the 2016 will be receive program changes without activate bypass and i can switch to all 99 program places from the 2016. So I can suddenly step to all my programmed 2016 presets, wich are not shown as program nr. in the display. That’s near to close what i want and that means the PCM 96 filtered some midi data from the Soleman on the PCM 96 midi thru box.

      But the Soleman doesn’t receive the program changes from the midi mate, so i am on the beginning of my problem and i need two midi controller and two expression pedals. One midi controller and expression pedal seperately for the 2016.

      I am on it, i am searching but i need technical help from the 2016 devs the know the midi implement chart, sys ex data and so on.

      Or an idea from a Eventide midi specialist who understand what we are talking about here.

      It is definitly a 2016 midi implementation Bug and not ” the 2016 does not have the MIDI functionality that i would like to use.”

      That the 2016 support CC data controlling you can read here :

      How should i do this without a midi controller ?

      It is not possible, so the 2016 should not receive in a wrong way ” program changes”. If not it’s ok for me, if yes it should not bypass the device.

      It’s an 2016 Bug.

      The 2016 manual say :

      With dedicated function knobs and an intuitive user-interface, the 2016 is designed for easy operation – live or in the studio.

      How should i use the 2016 live in this state ? Live playing means to control the parameter values and program changes in realtime.

      You are on the right way to block the program changes on the 2016 receive midi channel, but i am not find the right box currently.

      Please if you know one let me know, i lose so much time to find a solution for the 2016 since 47 days.

      If the 2016 does not sounding so exellent, it’s better as the PCM 96, i trashed it a long time ago.

      best greetings





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      Dear support,

      I have sent you two e-mails since last week with please answer.

      Please can you answer me on my E-Mail’s.

      Thank you


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      Eventide Staff



      Could you please Email me directly at

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