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StevePearce wrote:

AK74 wrote:

hi guys, is the H9000 going to be overkill for live guitar application? i am currently running an Eclipse to great effect 🙂 but would like more flexibility to bring in shimmers, and ambiance when needed with some midi control.

it looks like in a guitar application i can only use 4 effect blocks out of the 16 at a time? (not that i need 16 at anyone time)



Right now you don’t want the H9000 as it’s a boat anchor. 

Are you aware it doesn’t have custom scales?

Are you aware they’re not saying IF AND when it wil have them.

I’m not 100% sure but I don’t think it’ll have midi presets (like the H8000) whereby you can switch sounds without loading a new preset which WILL cause

audio dropout.

For me I’m NOT purchasing a H9000 UNTIL it at least has these capabilities otherwise I’m going BACKWARDS from a H8000.

If you’re updating from an Eclipse I would HIGHLY recommend a used H8000 which is STILL a BEAST of a machine.



Boat anchor is a bit overly dramatic, don’t you think?

If (like me) you don’t care about custom scales and loading programs via MIDI, then these are non-issues and the H9000 is useful right out of the box.

I understand others are looking for key features to be available before purchase (and at a list price of around $7k you should do your research), but everyone’s needs are different.