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jackmazzotti wrote:

I am hoping they will release a two channel 4 algorithim fx chain version in knob laden factor series form which includes all the algorithims in the H9000. The ten knobs at the push of a button control each of the 4 aIgorithims plus one page for macros. I would gladly pay $2500 for one! They would sell like hot cakes. All the Eventide algorithims in one stompbox with bluetooth emote control. Toggle switch for line or guitar level. Call it the H99.


That would be cool 🙂 

just thinking about the H9000 though. assuming a live context, i could have a “session” that has 4 fx chains loaded and good to go. i could use any kind of line router i wanted to switch between the different fx chains leaving trails intact etc. or i might have just a couple of FX chains reserved for my guitar effects. route the singer through another chain, and some keyboards through another.

feels like the H9000 doesnt need to do “everything” but if paired with a good matrix router. some pretty powerful configurations become possible.