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hi guys, is the H9000 going to be overkill for live guitar application? i am currently running an Eclipse to great effect 🙂 but would like more flexibility to bring in shimmers, and ambiance when needed with some midi control.

it looks like in a guitar application i can only use 4 effect blocks out of the 16 at a time? (not that i need 16 at anyone time)



Right now you don’t want the H9000 as it’s a boat anchor. 

Are you aware it doesn’t have custom scales?

Are you aware they’re not saying IF AND when it wil have them.

I’m not 100% sure but I don’t think it’ll have midi presets (like the H8000) whereby you can switch sounds without loading a new preset which WILL cause

audio dropout.

For me I’m NOT purchasing a H9000 UNTIL it at least has these capabilities otherwise I’m going BACKWARDS from a H8000.

If you’re updating from an Eclipse I would HIGHLY recommend a used H8000 which is STILL a BEAST of a machine.

Boat anchor is a bit overly dramatic, don’t you think?

If (like me) you don’t care about custom scales and loading programs via MIDI, then these are non-issues and the H9000 is useful right out of the box.

I understand others are looking for key features to be available before purchase (and at a list price of around $7k you should do your research), but everyone’s needs are different.

No, I do think I’m correct. It’s 2018 and it’s $7k.

Yes, it’s a mighty piece of hardware, no doubt, but without those features ‘to begin with’ it is ceratainly more than overkill for guitar and mostly irrelevent.

Seamless patch changes ‘need’ to exist for guitarists and for $7k they BETTER exist out of the box now.

Custom Scales capability should be a 100% given as it is called a Harmonizer PLUS Eventide pioneered this ability and their other Harmonizers have it. Kemper, Axe FX etc all have this today and Eventide don’t, WHY WHY WHY WHY???

If you’re a studio guy only, $7k is a LOT of money for what the H9000 does in it’s current form as ‘we understand it today’

I want to root for Eventide and I want them to suceed but it’s 2018 and the H9000 is their supposed Flagship that seems like a cripple as I write. It’s easy to make an upgrade today because hardware has advanced and is cheaper for what you get. Without the firmware/software to run it BETTER and MORE advanced than it’s predecessors is where it REALLY counts and ONLY then can it be an upgrade.

If YOU are happy to drop your $7k you should do so immedialety without delay but again, to guitarists in its current trim it’s a boat anchor. 

I’m a guitarist and I really don’t care much about custom scales. It may be a boat anchor to you without them, but don’t generalize your needs to all guitarists.