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StevePearce wrote:

When you’ve owned a H8000 and used it for 12+ years as a guitarist in a live context get back to me.

While I’m sure you’ve had an impressive career, that doesn’t change the fact that you don’t speak for all guitarists. I’ve been using Eventide products for decades, starting with ah H3000 briefly before moving on the DSP-4000, I then got involved with beta testing and algorithm design for whet ended up being called the Orville. Some of my algorithms ship in the Orville, and all subsequent VSIG enabled rack products. I’ve had the beta Orville (then called Andaman) crash on me while I was soloing on stage at the Fillmore.

I don’t give a $#¡† about custom scales. I’m not trying to cover the solo in Hotel California (or similar) on stage. If I played in a Devo cover band, I might be more concerned about the quality of the ring modulator, but I still wouldn’t speak for all guitarists.



Until then my point still stands, the H9000 in current trim is overkill & irrelevant for a guitarist and seriously lacking guitarist’s needs such as the much needed & obvious seamless patch changing PLUS custom scales. For a Flagship product it should at least do what the H8000 does PLUS far more. Otherwise what’s the point.

Has any VSIG ready Eventide device offered seamless patch change? Changes within a virtual rack, sure, but not patch changes. Back in the DSP-4000 days if your presets were small enough one could load while the other was still running, but that only worked for fairly small presets.

I understand that, as it stands, the H9000 doesn’t fit your needs. I understand that you’re trying to lobby for these features to be added ASAP. What you don’t seem to understand is that other people have other needs. If I was voting on what to add next, I would vote for the Sampler to come back before Custom Scales.