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cbm wrote:
I understand that, as it stands, the H9000 doesn’t fit your needs. I understand that you’re trying to lobby for these features to be added ASAP. What you don’t seem to understand is that other people have other needs. If I was voting on what to add next, I would vote for the Sampler to come back before Custom Scales. 

I would think that any/all of the folks buying an H9000 at this stage of it’s lifecycle clearly understands they are signing up to be a beta tester, whether Eventide states that or not.  A 100 users will shake out the bugs/omissions faster than the in-house staff/testers and will do it with a wider range of connected gear and application needs.  Whether you can afford to be a beta tester or not is something you have to decide.  I do believe Eventide is going to be working hard to make the H9000 into the flagship processor it can be, but it is going to take time and iterations to get there.

If anyone needs a robust, feature-complete, bug free H9000, then now is not the time to purchase one.  Eventide can’t wait another year until those issues are all identified and resolved before shipping a single unit and there are plenty of potential users that will be happy to employ the existing features while shaking out any issues along the way.  At least with the 9000 architecture Eventide hasn’t painted themseleves into a corner and adding new features and functionality as time goes on should be easier with the 9000 compared to the previous platforms.