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I’m enjoying the lively discussions… hardly a whisper about the flagship anywhere else.  I have both an Eclipse and H8000FW so have no need for upgrading, except for the jaw-dropping possibilities of this monster.

My “2-cents worth” is that the cost of the blank-face model might be a temptation to musicians who perform LIVE in at least stereo or wider cool… (thinking of Suzanne Ciani’s long held love for QUAD live performance with her 200e).

The deal-breaker for me would be NO INTEREST in allowing iOS-iPad control of simple controls…  loading presets or basic routing … for playing live in QUAD or more.

I’ll closely watch how this monster evolves and who it appeals to.  Curious how little mention you see on the internet of the H8000FW and I doubt the H9000 is discussed anywhere but on this FORUM.