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flesh57 wrote:

When using WinZip the folder that shows the extracted files only shows the 6 files as posted in the earlier screenshot and the autoexec.bat file is hidden as clicking on the properties option within the opened folder shows that there are indeed 7 files within the folder that the files were extracted to.

At this point Nick I’m pretty frustrated and am feeling somewhat defeated. I can send you my adapter and CF cards as earlier suggested or am also willing to purchase a CF card directly from Eventide with the 5.61 update properly loaded on to it.

If either of those options don’t work then I guess I’ll have to send the unit in for servicing and updating.




Note that you said the files are sitting in the folder they were extracted to, which won’t work.

All the separate files in the ZIP should be in the root (top level) folder in the same place as the ZIP file.  If they are not there, change to the folder that has all the files, select them all (with the mouse/shift key or by pressing Ctrl and ‘A’ together), right click and choose copy (or cut if you are brave) (or press Ctrl and ‘C’ together), change to the root/top folder, right click and select paste (or press Ctrl and ‘V’ together).

Now try the install.