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nickrose wrote:
Suggest you try the “H8000 Series Routing Utility”

This is  available for Mac and Win and will hopefully answer your questions.





hi Nick


thanks for the quick reply, appreciated.


I have donwloaded the program and i am trying to set it up so it communicates with my PC. Right now i had little success with MIDI, so at the absence of my motherboard having a Serial RS232 Port i bought a USB to RS 232 adapter, but i am still having trouble configuring it, although i have followed all steps outlined in the manual of the Routing app and the settings / manual of the H8000.

Not sure if a USB to Serial cable would work, or do i need a serial to serial cable to make the connection happen?


What could it be that i am missing? As i couldnt not get the H8000 and my PC to speak to each either neither with MIDI or Serial Any thoughts would be most welcome

Thanks in advance