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Eastward_In_Eden wrote:

tmoravan wrote:

That Eventide sound is alive and well in this new box.

THANKS for sharing… brings back memories of my jaw hitting the ground while playing with the H8000 first time.. hours flew by ….


I had to sell my H8000s and EVENET remote to fund the purchase so I can’t do any comparisons, but the overall sound seems to immediately evoke that big open effected wash of goodness Eventide has become known for.

The original intent was to do a more detailed runthrough of the unit, but even with a simple MKS-20 piano sound, I lost the whole time just playing around with stacking up different algorithms, tweaking values, and just playing and listening to the simple piano sound being transformed.

Coming from originally having an Instant Flanger and Instant Phaser though multiple H3000s though an Omnipressor and OG SP-2016 to a pair of H8000FWs, and now to the H9000, I can say it was worth the wait for it.  Looking forward to seeing where Eventide can take this new platform.

At some point in time I’ll actually go through it and customize some of the configuration options and be more thorough and systematic in my analysis of it, but for now it’s the most fun I’ve had with an effects unit in a long time.